Garth and Pam: 5 Year Anniversary {Sneak Peak}

Pam and Garth have a unique story. They have been dear friends of mine for over two years now and we have been planning this special day for at least a year and a half. Pam and Garth only have ONE PHOTO of them together on their wedding day. Their photographer simply forgot to get pictures of them together. I seriously wanted to cry when she told me this story. As a photographer I could not wrap my mind around the fact that the photographer did not focus on the bride and groom??? Be careful when choosing your photographers brides! Make sure that you choose someone that reflects you and you know will center the entire day around YOU!

We decided to do their photos on their 5th Anniversary. They wanted to get back into their wedding garb and basically recreate the gorgeous fall day. As Pam told me what she was looking for I knew just the place! The Harvest Inn in St. Helena is an incredibly ravishing hotel/cottage that my husband and I stayed at almost two years ago. They have gorgeous vineyards that get amazing golden light as the sun sets. Pam trusted my judgement and we planned the big day. After being rained out we finally made it happen! The day could not have been more perfect. Pam and Garth are still incredibly in love and you can see it through their photos. When I asked them to kiss in their photos they were like a newly married couple!

I hope you guys enjoy these special photos! I am so glad you finally have photos of the two of you together, even if it is 5 years later.


Anonymous said...

those look amazing! great job!

Loren said...

so awesome. you captured them so beautifully! so happy!

swiemo said...

:) yay.

Anonymous said...

LOVE. LOVE, LOVE these photos!! Can't wait to see more!!

Tana Inskeep

rachel blackwell said...

Favorite shoot you've ever done!! Love them all!!