Emily, Jonas, Annika, Teya and Ale!! {Sneak Peek!}

About a month ago I got a call from a Houston number and I thought, oh that must be a friend from home. A few days later when I listened to the voice message it was actually Emily, who lives in Marin but moved here from Houston, looking to have family photos done. I was so excited to call her back and hear where she grew up and what brought them from the blazing humid heat in Houston to the beautiful West Coast! I immediately hit it off with Emily and the sweet girl invited me to her play group, which we now attend weekly!!

Emily has an amazing story. She an amazingly strong person with more energy and drive than one human should have! Emily loves the Lord, her family and any person that she meets with such a sincere love! She does not know a stranger and she would give you the shirt off of her back, I know it.

Anyways, despite the drizzly morning at Crissy Field we had a blast taking photos and the girls were so precious just running around, getting all dirty in the damp field. Thanks for being open to anything you guys, I had a blast!!!



Jessica and Caleb {{Couple Sneak Peek}}

I am so excited to post these photos!! A few weeks ago I got to pack up my bags and fly back to Texas where I grew up, and photograph one of my best friends weddings.

Jessica and I met when she was in 7th and I was in 8th grade. Her big sister was our Youth Intern at church so she introduced us! Jess was a skinny little thing, probably didn't weigh 80 pounds sopping wet, and her sweet spirit was just as fragile as her skinny little self was. Jessica is a deeeeep deeep lover and when she cares for people, she truly cares for them. Her heart & spirit are so incredibly soft and sweet that I remember thinking while we were growing up, can someone be that sweet??

By the time Jessica was 18 she decided to go to the same college as me. I was beyond thrilled and was so excited to welcome her to my college campus!! I loved having her so close to me!! I watched Jessica grow from a sweet little girl into a beautiful young lady over the course of our college experience. Jess was there with me when Drew and I started dating, she stood on the very same stage that she was married on to support me in my marriage, and she has 100% encouraged me through my marriage, starting my own company, and she has loved my sweet little Carsyn like she is her own niece.

Needless to say, Jessica is like a sister to me and I feel so so blessed to have been able to capture her wedding day for her. When she called me to tell me she was getting married in August I quickly asked if I could be her photographer instead of trying to squeeze into a dress 5 months pregnant. She was thrilled that I offered and I was so thrilled that she would except the gift!!

When I arrived at the Rehearsal I was so excited to meet this Caleb guy that I had heard so much about. I was definitely hesitant to except this boy that was marrying my sweet little Jess, but Caleb is hard not to love. His love for Jessica is just as deep as hers. I loved watching him take care of her through out the weekend. He is such a leader and I know that he will lead their family in such a Godly way. So Caleb, I totally approve of you marrying my girl Jess ;) thanks for being so good to her.

Ok, now on with the photos! I barely had to give these two ideas. They were just overflowing with love that I just followed them around and shot away. Thank you guys for such a special day!!!



Putting on the dress... Christina

There is something special about the first few moments of a bride putting on her wedding gown on her big day. After planning for months and months, tons of stress and tons of huge decisions to make the moment is finally here. It is time to put on the dress. No turning back now. The day has begun and you are getting closer to finally getting to see your groom and calling him your husband. I love capturing the emotion and smiles on everyones face as you slip into your dress and you just glow. You are finally living that fairy tail we have all dreamed about since we were little girls.

So enjoy these beautiful few moments with Christina as she puts on her gorgeous gown and finishes getting ready to see her groom!

How amazing was the light in this room!? Love it!

I love this photo!!!

and she is ready!!!

Beautiful bride!!!

ending with some fun little details ;)


Chase {3 Month Old Sneak Peek}

Meet Chase!! He is one of the cutest little 3 month old baby boys I have ever met. He was full of smiles from the moment I walked in the door, until I left. (see below)

Just talking to him made him full of smiles. AND his mama has no doubt in her mind that he loves her! Anytime she even looked his way his whole demeanor was bright and bubbly!! I love that love between moms and their little boys. *(sorry, I think I talk about how excited I am for our little boy every post)*

The lighting in their home and yard was gorgeous and it was so nice to shoot on a sunny non foggy day! This might have been one of my first non-foggy photo shoots all season!! I am hoping the fog will stay at bay and we can continue to enjoy this great sunshine (minus the 100* temperatures!!)

Enjoy these photos of sweet little Chase!!

What a sweet photo to cherish forever!!

Look at that smile! Love it!

Chelsea went to UT and if you didn't know I grew up in Texas! My husbands parents are such big UT fans that his middle name is Austin... I kid you not ;)