Being a Mom...

One of the greatest gifts in life (in my opinion) is being a mother. Being a mother changes you. I have changed more in the past 17 months than I have in my memory of life. I have grown, I have been stretched, I have been challenged but ultimately I have been blessed.
I love my sweet Carsyn with all that is in me. When I see a pregnant lady I can't help but give her the biggest smile and I want to give her a hug and tell her all about the road that is to come. Taking maternity photos is one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love doing follow up newborn photos and seeing how much the parents have already changed. How their hearts have become butter and life is just... different.
I just love my job, and I love that I am able to document so much of our sweet girls life...

Shan Cunningham Photography!!!

Fans of Shannon Cunningham Photography! Thanks so much for supporting me over the past two years as I have grown my business! I love all of your encouraging notes and inspiration to spur on my photo business!

I just wanted to announce that I am making a simple name change in my photography to...

Shan Cunningham Photography!!!

HUGE difference... I know!!

Here is my new logo:

It is a simple change but I wanted to let everyone know!


Bree Sneak Peek!!

What a cute family and a perfect back yard for photos!! The sun peeked out for a few days and I was finally able to get in a few photo shoots! Enjoy the photos of these two precious girls and their family!


A few more from Dominic and Mitchy...

Mitchy and Dominic are one of the weddings that we will be shooting in August! We had a blast meeting them this weekend and getting to know their fun personalities! They have a precious little girl that has the CUTEST tutu flower girl dress I have ever seen!!
I will blog more photos of their family shoot soon!
We are so looking forward to their fun wedding in Santa Cruz!
Enjoy some more photos from the Boardwalk!!

Mitchy and Dominic Quick Sneak Peek!! More to Come...


Family Hike...

While Carsyn was sick last week we let her sleep with us. I know I know, that is horrible but it is far more important to me to have a happy mom, dad and baby than to pride myself upon having sleep time mastered. She has slept with us a lot since she was little and we actually love it. She doesn't go to bed with us, but if she wakes up in the middle of the night, I sleep walk to her room, pick her up, plop her between us and I never hear from her until the sun peeks in.
Anyways, last night when she came in to sleep with us Drew said... "Shan, she can't sleep with us forever..." I waited a moment and then said, "WELL, in 16 years when she goes off to college in some other town you are going to be missing these nights that she would snuggle up to you!" He was quiet for a while and then I heard him telling her, "No Carsyn, you are going to be daddy's little surfer girl and you will never want to leave us..." I laughed and told him, "I loved my daddy too, more than the whole world, but I left him and moved across the country with some crazy surfer boy to start a new life." Nothing else was said, I could just hear him giving her kisses and he snuggled her in tight.
I woke up this morning to the two of them saying Mommy, wake up!
Something about little girls and their daddy's...

Drew and I ventured out this afternoon for a hike since it was actually nice and rain is in the forecast tomorrow. I grabbed my old camera as we ran out the door because I wanted to document our little trip. I am working on taking photos of our life more since I am always photographing others!


Molly {Newborn/Family Sneak Peek}

Molly is doing an awesome job at balancing a busy little three year old girl and a sweet little newborn! As I spent a few hours at her house yesterday I couldn't help but admire her strength and patience as she talked smoothly and softly to he her daughter while nursing her sweet little baby. I wish I could give awards out to moms all the time. Hopefully timeless photos will be an award for you Molly! You are doing such a great job! I hope that I can balance life that well when we decide to embrace the idea of adding another!
Enjoy the photos, here are a few (well, a lot!) of my favorites from the day!

Happy Valentines!