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37 weeks...

I finished my last shoot two weeks ago and slowly each day I have been wrapping up all of my final work for 2010. It's getting a bit harder to sit at my desk and work with my growing belly, so I am not getting as much done each day, but it is giving me more time with my family which is great.

Carsyn and I have been doing lots of Christmas shopping, lots of snuggling, lots of baking and just enjoying our last few weeks as just mommy and daughter. Some days I get a little teary eyed when we are playing in her room and I realize how big she is. I know it will be even crazier when we bring home Cruz and realize how big she really is.

I have looked through her baby photos countless times and tried to imagine what Cruz is going to look like. I am really going to try to journal more through those first few weeks with Cruz. I look at baby photos of Carsyn (I am so glad I took them all) but I wonder... what was I thinking? What was I going through? What was the Lord teaching me during that sweet yet hard season of life?

This morning I woke up to a cold quiet empty house. For some reason the heater wasn't on and it was 64 degrees! No wonder I had a hard time getting out of bed. The house was strangely empty as Carsyn was still asleep... and I was still pregnant.

I finally got the heater to come on just in time to hear Carsyn talking in her bed, "Mommy, I needa go poooooottttttyyyy."

I stumbled in to get her and we had our coffee and milk and chatted for a while. She was cracking me up with her facial expression so I decided it was time for me to pull my camera out, that I haven't used in almost 2 weeks! I have been missing it so much but at the same time enjoying the small break. I love the light in our place early in the morning so I gave her some fruity pebbles and let her eat at the coffee table so I could take advantage of the great light... this is what we got.

she seems so old to me :( loving that hair ;)
and her sweet smile...
ummm are you kidding me??
blowing kisses

calling daddy at work...
are you SERIOUS?

her new thing.. random waving
loving my fruity pebbles


Keller and Daniel's Amazing Santa Cruz Wedding

Sooo this might be a long post! :)
I absolutely loved everything about Keller and Daniel's wedding. From the location, her amazing dress, her vintage ring, gorgeous ceremony site and then a rocking reception. Drew and I had a blast and laughed and smiled the whole day. Not to mention they are super cool amazing people.
We are so excited for Keller and Daniel and their new life together! Here is a little glimpse into their fun day!
If you missed their earlier blog post check it out HERE.
Keller's Precious Niece!
A few little snacks while we took photos ;)
love this!
All of their guests! I love this photo!
And it is OFFICIAL!!
such a great ceremony location!
Photo by my main squeeze Drew... good shot honey ;)

Another one by Drew ;)

The Girls Getting Ready!!

The Guys!
Keller's girls were amazing!
Love from dad...
and to close the beautiful bride!!
Congrats you two!