Purely Decadent!!

Soo... I am allergic to dairy. :( I have been my whole life... but unfortunately I LOVE ice cream. Recently a friend of mine brought me a tub of this yummy stuff from Whole Foods. Purely Decadent Ice Cream... coconut milk base! Ahhhh!! It is to die for! AND UNFORTUNATE BECAUSE...
I've tried Vanilla, Mint and now Chocolate. Thanks goodness for boot camp in the morning!! :)

Anyways, it is how I am making it thru all of this late night editing.
Just keeping it real.

Margo! Sneak Peek!


Keller and Daniel {S.F. Engagement!!}}

Meet Keller and Daniel! They are one of our October Couples! They are a fun loving couple out to enjoy life and have a good time! We did a fun engagement session in San Francisco on the perfect evening! The sun was gorgeous (as it always is in the Bay Area) and these two were bursting with life and ideas. We started out on Hayes Street and spent a fair amount of time there enjoying the colorful walls and the fun art ! Keller and Daniel were cracking me up the entire photo shoot... on my way home my cheeks were hurting from laughing for two straight hours! They were both so comfortable in front of the camera and with each other.
I am looking forward to their wedding day and the loads of fun photos that are to be taken!
(enjoy the photos, sorry I had trouble picking my favorites!)

How cool is this sign?!

She was cracking me up the whole day... gorgeous!

Daniel + Keller


Love the S.F. sun!

I love everything about this photo!

I had to post the color and BW just a gorgeous photo all together...


Happy Birthday To Me!! And a little Sneak Peek!

I have sooo many shoots to blog and so much for you to see... but I am so backed up on editing I can barely keep my head above water!
Thank you to all my wonderful clients and friends for the birthday wishes! I had so much fun on all of my shoots today, celebrating with my little family and having a fun bash in our home tonight! I love you all and feel so so blessed!
Here is a beautiful photo of a gorgeous friend of mine!
More to come!!


Simeon Caleb {Newborn Sneak Peek}

Meet Simeon Caleb! He is one of my dearest friends little boy and he is about 10 days old in this photo! Stacy and Josh also have a sweet little girl Hallel. I have some precious photos to share of the two of them together, but I had to get this one posted because it is just too cute to not share!
Again, my advice is to do a newborn session within the first 2 weeks of your babies life if at all possible!! So, if you know when you are due, go ahead and e-mail me to get on the calendar! Congrats to everyone who got on the calendar after seeing Ella's photos!


EJ and Charlie Sneak Peek Two!

More shots of just EJ and Charlie! They chose to see each other before the ceremony so we had extra time to take photos of just the two of them! And even time for a sword fight ;)


Aurora Cruz Maternity Sneak Peek!

Aurora contacted me when she was just 19 weeks to go ahead and get on the calendar for Maternity photos. I loved reading her e-mails because she was so full of joy about having this sweet baby boy. She is 100% confident being pregnant and when I met her I completely agreed. She is goooorgeous and my camera just LOVED HER!! She was glowing in every single frame! Seriously, does she not just take your breath away!?

I cannot wait to meet sweet little August... I have no doubt that he will be a handsome little man!! ;)
Best of luck to you guys in the weeks to come!!