Savannah Zoe Newborn Session

I did Jon and Leah's maternity photos a few weeks ago, as they thought little SZ would be joining us early. But the doctors decided to let her come on her own and that she did!! She joined us a few days after her due date but I am glad she did. She weighed 6 lbs. and is sooo tiny. Our little butter ball weighed 8'8 so holding SZ was definitely a new experience for me!
Jon and Leah are wonderful parents and seem as if they have been parents for 20 years. This little angel is blessed to have such wonderful parents!
Enjoy her you guys, they grow up too fast!!


Ben and Jenny Maternity Full Sneak Peek

Ben and Jenny are due with a baby girl (Riley) the day after Christmas! They wanted to capture some quick maternity pictures before little Miss Riley joined them so we headed out to the Marin Bunkers by Rodeo Beach which are always fun and vintage!
Can you believe how tiny Jenny is for one week away from her due date?? Impressive girl!!
Enjoy you guys!


Ben and Jenny Maternity Sneak Peek

How cute is this!?! I had to share this photo from tonight's maternity session! Enjoy! Baby girl Riley due December 26th!


Sneak Peek {Amy, Reed and Mr. Noah}

I am so excited to share this post with you! Reed is one of Drew's good friends and surfing buddies and Amy is a good friend of mine and Mr. Noah is one of Carsyn's buds! Needless to say, we love this family.

Amy and I were pregnant together, which was a ton of fun. We had a blast making excuses for eating more and having to buy bigger sized pants. We had the same doctor and even happened to be at appointments at the same time. We went through labor class together and if that doesn't make you true friends, I am not sure what else does! I will never forget the look on Amy's face when they showed the birthing videos!

Amy had Noah about two weeks before I had Carsyn and I was greeeeen with envy. I was so jealous that she was holding her little guy while I was still growing and wondering if I would be holding a little guy or gal! But a year later I barely remember that and our babies are over 14 months old! Crazy!
Anyways, with both of our busy schedules it has taken us months to finally nail down a day to do photos. We finally found a day and we got some great shots.
Isn't Noah a cutie?! While I was editing these Carsyn kept saying Nooooaaaah! Precious!
Enjoy you guys! Thanks for being great people and great friends!

More Twins! Super Man and Bat Man!

I had a blast with these two little guys a few weeks ago. We basically ran around the park laughing and posing for a few quick photos! How cute is the Christmas sign!?! Such a good idea! I have a list of ideas for families for next years Holiday Sessions.