Sarah and Chuck Proposal {Grace Cathedral}

When Chuck called me to see if we could photograph Sarah and his proposal I think I might have scared him with how excited I was to except this offer! Sarah and Chuck are such a sweet couple and you can see their love through these photos! They both come from tight knit families that love them both to pieces. I am sure that their wedding will be such an incredible emotional day.

When I saw Sarah and Chuck heading up to Grace Cathedral my heart starting beating out of my chest and I quickly checked to make sure all of my settings were still correct and I started to shoot away. I never took my finger off of the trigger and good thing I didn't because Chuck was down and up and Sarah said yes within a matter of seconds!!
I kept snapping away and ran in closer to share in their excitement. Sarah was so excited and she was just glowing. They are going to be a beautiful married couple and I am so excited to get to know the two of them better!!
enjoy the photos you guys and CONGRATS on being engaged!!!!


Everyone around them started cheering!!!

and how gorgeous is Sarah.

Checking out her gorgeous rock!

The Happy Couple!!

Aren't they such a good looking couple!?

Chuck asked her if she found the receipt in his wallet!! Apparently they play pranks on each other and she switches their license all the time... too funny! But she wanted him to know she DID NOT see anything!

They had an after party at the Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Super nice! Check out the view!

This photo was totally an accident but I love it! My flash fired to early and I just don't really know what happen!! But how fun is this photo?!

Her siblings were so happy for them!

The Happy Couple!

Cheers to lifelong happiness you two!!


Sophie Kate Newborn Sneak Peek!

I have to admit when I first started taking newborn photos they were my weakest field of photography. I am an outdoor natural light kind of girl so shooting indoors used to scare me!! But, having a little baby of my own that I couldn't always take outside photos of forced me to learn to take good indoor photos without a flash. Poor Carsyn has been the subject of many many failed photo shoots but all of those failed attempts pushed me to where I am today. Now I love indoor lighting (at the right time of day, don't get me wrong!!)

Having pushed myself to learn more with my own little subject I know how to use indoor light correctly and newborn photos are one of my strengths instead of something that terrifies me!

So... without further ado meet Sophie Kate! Isn't she gorgeous?! When I arrived at their house her daddy was holding her outside just glowing as proud as a new dad could be. Erin and Mike are amazing parents and Sophie could not have been born into a better family. I know she will be loved and spoiled! We used the blow dryer trick and again it worked like a charm! She curled up in a little ball and let us take photos of her in only her diaper for almost an hour, such a little angel!!
Enjoy these photos, she is beautiful.


Ava and Skylar!! {Crissy Field Photos!!}

Ava and Skylar are twins and they are the exact age as my little girl! (I thought I was busy! Shawn deserves an award!!) When Shawn contacted me to take their family photos I was so excited because I knew her girls were such a fun age for photos! A year and a half has been one of my favorite ages of my little girl!
They are leaving the baby days behind and running full force into toddlerhood! I have so many photos of the back of Carsyn's head because she is constantly on the go!! So I had my latte and brought a friend along to help for two little one and a half year olds!
Ava and Skylar have their individual personalities and you can see them shinning through in the photos! Shawn and Joe were so patient with them which allowed me to capture them being kids!
We had a fun and busy day at Chrissy Field but the photos turned out so fun!!
Enjoy you guys!

I absolutely love this photo! Life with two busy little girls!

Oh.My.Gosh. I did not even realize I had taken this photo until I went through them on my computer! Such an amazing picture!

On the move!

She loved the camera!

Golden Gate Bridge in the background!

I love BW beach photos!

Typical San Francisco Weather.

Such a fun age!

Love this frame with her daddy!


Jacqueline Maternity Sneak Peek {Cavallo Point}

Jacqueline should be welcoming her sweet little twins into the world any day now! Doesn't she look amazing for being pregnant with twins?! I have the utmost respect for mama's who carry twins!! I was so uncomfortable with ONE so I have noo idea how you could add in another little baby!! We took photos at Cavallo Point, which is one of my favorite locations to shoot in Marin! I love the green grass, the adirondack chairs, the sailboats, the bridge and the view of the city!! Such a romantic place!
Enjoy your pics and the best of luck with your babies!!


EJ Wedding Details and The Girls!

EJ and Charlie had such a fantastic wedding. A huge part of it being FANTASTIC was the close attention they payed to detail! EJ did so well in her planning to make sure that everything flowed nicely on her big day. While I was snapping photos of the details in her bridal room I wanted to make sure I took a photo of every detail for EJ to have from her wedding day. She had an amazing florist who not only did a great job but was so easy work with! Tanjeeryn Designs check them out!
Enjoy the photos EJ! You did a great job!

I love both of these frames! What a gorgeous dress and bride! Charlie, you are one lucky guy!

EJ started telling some crazy stories to the girls and she just looked so cute telling the story!

Are you kidding me, gorgeous!

EJ did all of this!


Not sure if you have noticed, but I have a thing for shoes ;)

Precious Flower Girls Shoes...

Her mom making sure she looks perfect!

EJ's flowers were GORGEOUS!! She used Tanjeeryn Designs I highly recommend them!

Mom and Dad sneaking some love ;)

Again...loved the flowers!

Same image from the top, but in color... love it!