Meredith Sneak Peek + Photo Advice

I am going to use Meredith's Photo Shoot as a great example of a photo session for kids ages 2-5. Meredith had the idea of doing the photos at her home. She has a great back yard with a lot of shade and is somewhere her boys are very familiar with. I know that everyone doesn't have a back yard (we don't) so if you have a place that you know your kids love I would choose there for your photos.

The boys were comfortable in their surroundings and it took them about 5 seconds to warm up to the idea of a lady running after them with a big camera.

Meredith knew that the boys were not going to pause to give me cheesy smiles so I just followed them around as they played and I took photos of them. At times we would get them to do a little posing and Meredith would holler and scream and swing their fun baseball bat over my head! I didn't care at all as I felt it swinging over my head, because they were giving me huge smiles!

As your photographer I am ready and willing to do anything to make your kids happy and smile, and I encourage you to come with the same attitude. Do not worry if your kids are having a hard time or crying, I promise, I have seen it all! I am a mom myself. PLUS I wouldn't choose this profession if I did not love it. I promise you, I love what I do!

All that to say, I want to encourage those who are worried about a shoot or have questions to peek through these photos and to be encouraged. Thanks for letting me use you and your boys as an example Meredith! Enjoy the photos! They are adorable!
P.S. I love this photo of you!

I love the progression of these photos! I love how he is getting in his stance, stops to give me a smile, and hits the ball out of the park!!! Great Job!!!

A few smiles, then a few of him having fun!

I took about 25 of this position QUICKLY, and we got a few that are great!

They still love each other, even with two busy boys!

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