Farewell to the Hew's...

Last night we had a final dinner with some of our best friends and this morning we bid them farewell before they move to Hawaii! We knew this day would come from the day we befriended these two 4 years ago, but 4 years came and went too quickly. This morning my heart sunk and my eyes filled with tears as I realized it was time to hug them goodbye.

When we met Jason and Emily they were not even dating, now 4 years later here they are, a beautiful married couple with one of the most precious 11 month old baby girls I know. Aubrey is Carsyn's bestest friend in the whole world and my heart is going to hurt every time she asks to walk to their house and I have to explain they are gone... :( and gone really far.

and whose going to explain to Drew that his surfing buddy is gone?

BUT on the bright side of things, Emily's family lives in Fresno so we know they will come back to visit and we will be frequenting Hawaii at least once a year for now on, which is SOO exciting to me.

Before they left we did some family photos so they could have fun memories of their time on the main land.
Enjoy the photos you guys! We will cherish them forever and I know you will too!!
We miss you already!!!

*Photos are in downtown Tiburon. Awesome location for small families or with kids under 1 that don't run around!

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~jdot said...

Great shots but one is missing. I think one of Aubrey working at the parking booth would have been an important one not to miss. I imagine it just didn't get posted here....