Christopher Michael {{Newborn Sneak Peek}}

Christopher is 5 weeks old in these photos and so precious. The first two months of life is the best time to schedule a newborn session. If you want a sleepy baby curled up into small newborn positions, the first 2 weeks is the best for a newborn session. But if you want photos when your baby is opening their eyes and showing their personality a little bit more, 4-6 weeks is a great time!

So, how precious is this little guy? He did great for the whole shoot. His room is beautifuly decorated, you can tell his mama spent a lot of time considering the details. Even though it was a gloomy day in San Francisco the light coming into his room was perfect! Enjoy this little sneak peek!


drew said...

enjoy the organized bookshelf while you can.... once they're old enough to break the swadle, those books will be all over the place :)

Faith said...

that lady does NOT look like she just had a baby. Wow!