Katie and Jimmy: Sneak Peek

Katie has been a neighbor for the past two years, but recently her little family moved into San Francisco to be closer to her job. Her little guy Jude is just a month younger than Carsyn so we are definitely sad that they no longer live close. I could not believe how big he was when we met up this weekend! He has been walking since 9 MONTHS!! Busy little guy! We decided to go to Shakespeare Garden which was the perfect setting! We actually got there a bit too early and had to wait for the sun to come up!

Jude just ran all over the place and I ran after him! (a typical day in my life!) He gave me some great expressions! He looks just like his dad! We had a great time and Jude ended the day by eating a huge piece of soil! Oh the life of boys!! That is unknown territory for me!

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Pam Clayborn said...

Love the pics and love the Cooks!