Pumpkin Patch 2009

Drew and I are working on starting traditions with our little family. Carsyn was just 3 weeks old last Halloween so we never made it down to the pumpkin patch, in fact I am not even sure that I knew it was Halloween.

This year we got all dressed up in warm sweaters and headed to the pumpkin patch! No one told me that a heat wave had hit so after 3 minutes we were all melting, ready to grab our pumpkin and head home. Drew snapped a few photos of Carsyn and I before we left. There are a few of him as well but they are on another memory card. I am looking forward to continuing on in this tradition next year (but planning a little better for the weather!).

I found the memory card!

I believe this is the last photo before we left. Her face explains the day perfectly!


Lisa Cowan said...

these pics are soo cute!

Faith said...

great pics..drew sure has two beauties in his life:) we have done the same thing with clothing...oregon is so unpredictable!

Pam Clayborn said...

the last one is my favorite! so.so.cute.