Stacy Maternity Session

I am so excited to share this post. Meet Stacy. She is a beautiful Wife, Mother, Sister and Friend. I am so lucky to count her as one of my best friends. Over the past 2 1/2 years we have been blessed to get to know their family and are so excited to be greeting a new member with them in March. I am so looking forward to seeing Stacy be a mother to sweet Hallel and her new little guy Simeon. She is such a graceful, patient and beautiful woman. Enjoy the photos and the story they tell of her families love.


Jason Hew said...

I am enjoying you creative explorations of poses. You have a great eye for this business!

Rachel Blackwell said...

#1- Great pics! I agree with Jason... you poses are rockin!
#2- I can't believe Stacy is having another baby already! I couldn't imagine being pregnant that fast... I feel like I'm almost back to normal (6 months later :)). Oh I just love what pregnancy does to a body!

Josh and Stacy Mathews said...

Shannon these pictures are so special! You know I didn't want pictures of my fat belly but I am so glad you did!!! Thank you for the gift of special memories that I will always look back on with tears of joy. I love the vintage look too!