Aurora Cruz Maternity Sneak Peek!

Aurora contacted me when she was just 19 weeks to go ahead and get on the calendar for Maternity photos. I loved reading her e-mails because she was so full of joy about having this sweet baby boy. She is 100% confident being pregnant and when I met her I completely agreed. She is goooorgeous and my camera just LOVED HER!! She was glowing in every single frame! Seriously, does she not just take your breath away!?

I cannot wait to meet sweet little August... I have no doubt that he will be a handsome little man!! ;)
Best of luck to you guys in the weeks to come!!


Amy said...

Just gorgeous! Love the light you captured!

pascha said...

love the last one and she has gorgeous eyes!!

Aurora said...

You're wonderful, Shan. Love these so much. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Hannah said...

These are beautiful, Shan!! I've met Aurora and Carl once at our church and they seem like they will be wonderful parents :)

Jason, Emily and Aubrey Hew said...

I didn't even know they were expecting! Great job Shan.