Purely Decadent!!

Soo... I am allergic to dairy. :( I have been my whole life... but unfortunately I LOVE ice cream. Recently a friend of mine brought me a tub of this yummy stuff from Whole Foods. Purely Decadent Ice Cream... coconut milk base! Ahhhh!! It is to die for! AND UNFORTUNATE BECAUSE...
I've tried Vanilla, Mint and now Chocolate. Thanks goodness for boot camp in the morning!! :)

Anyways, it is how I am making it thru all of this late night editing.
Just keeping it real.


Helen said...

I love Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream, too! (The Turtle Trails flavor is divine.) Though I fear that I don't look nearly as beautiful as you when I'm eating it.

Aurora said...

I've had that ice cream before. It's amazing. Don't read the label! It's depressing. :)

Hey Girlfriend! said...

I need to buy some of this soon! im lactose-intolerant YET im still addicted to delicious dairy products. this will give me my ice cream fix without having to scope out the nearest restroom in sight first! ;)