Sophie Kate Newborn Sneak Peek!

I have to admit when I first started taking newborn photos they were my weakest field of photography. I am an outdoor natural light kind of girl so shooting indoors used to scare me!! But, having a little baby of my own that I couldn't always take outside photos of forced me to learn to take good indoor photos without a flash. Poor Carsyn has been the subject of many many failed photo shoots but all of those failed attempts pushed me to where I am today. Now I love indoor lighting (at the right time of day, don't get me wrong!!)

Having pushed myself to learn more with my own little subject I know how to use indoor light correctly and newborn photos are one of my strengths instead of something that terrifies me!

So... without further ado meet Sophie Kate! Isn't she gorgeous?! When I arrived at their house her daddy was holding her outside just glowing as proud as a new dad could be. Erin and Mike are amazing parents and Sophie could not have been born into a better family. I know she will be loved and spoiled! We used the blow dryer trick and again it worked like a charm! She curled up in a little ball and let us take photos of her in only her diaper for almost an hour, such a little angel!!
Enjoy these photos, she is beautiful.


Rachel Blackwell said...

Those are perfect!!!!!

Emma Krueger said...

LOVE these. It makes me want to have another baby so you can take the newborn photos!!!!