Kelsey Family Photos! {{Shakespeare Garden San Francisco}}

First of all, I am so behind on blogging! To all of my faithful readers thank you thank you for still hanging around! I took a two week vacation and am finally playing the catch up game!! I have posts lined up to blog all week look so be on the look out for some FUN Photos!!

Sooo meet Alli! How cute is this baby girl?! She absolutely loved the camera and the photos prove it! She is such a happy little girl! She was clapping and pointing and reading her books... a typical busy 1 year old! She is definitely a loved little girl! Shakespeare Garden is one of my favorite places to take photos in San Francisco. The light is so romantic in the morning and the evening. We actually took these around 5:30 on a very overcast day which made for gorgeous golden light!

Keep this location in mind when planning a photo shoot in the city, it never gets old!!

Enjoy the photos!!


Hannah said...

Love the moods you captured...these are great!

abby said...

What a cute family! Love that last frame especially. Too cute!