Niesha and Floyd Engagement {Ferry Building & Baker Beach}

Niesha and Floyd are undeniably in love. Simply looking at him made her face light up and her cute little nose crinkle up like a little school girl with a huge crush!! Floyd never took his eyes off of Niesha and when she leaned into him you could see the safety and security their love portrays. Needless to say they made capturing their love quite simple and natural.
Niesha and Floyd are getting married July 3rd and we have the privilege of photographing their wedding! I love taking engagement photos of couples because it provides an opportunity for them to get comfortable with my shooting style and for me to get to know their love story a little bit better.
We started out at the Ferry Building and it was a HOT San Francisco day. The light was awesome and Niesha was just glowing. After that we headed to Baker Beach and after a few wrong turns we finally made it. I believe there were about 10 couples out taking engagement photos that day as well! Definitely a popular place on the weekends!! Beach photos are always so much fun with the water crashing, sand between your toes, bridge in the background... so fun!!!
Niesha and Floyd we are so looking forward to spending your wedding day with you!! Enjoy this sneak peek!!!

Niesha and her cute little nose ;)



drew said...

love the beach shots and the one of their shoes!

Ashley said...

love them all...they are so cute.
Ok so I still haven't been to baker beach. You have inspired me to go.

Rachel Blackwell said...

Best engagements you've ever shot!! So good Shan! Extremely jealous of the beach!! We have some really neat ponds here in Arkansas!! ha!