Carsyn/ Wall Art!!

Since we are having an EXTRA cold summer in the Bay Area, Drew and I decided to buy Carsyn a sand box instead of a swimming pool to play with! Drew and Carsyn have been spending the last few evenings on the porch, Drew grilling on his new Fathers Day gift, and Carsyn playing in her sand box! We have a ton of shade on our porch which makes for fun summer lighting so I have been trying to take more photos of Carsyn. She is such a fun age for photos and such a HAM for the camera these days! These 4 photos turned out to be some of my favorites so I decided to order them matted to hang over my computer/ work station.

I got the prints in yesterday and thought I would share this cute affordable idea to do with photos from your session!
Here are the 4 (8x10) matted photos together (straight out of the camera photo) and how thin they are.
Then the photos are below!
Enjoy! I cannot believe that my baby girl will be 2 in 3 months!!