Emily, Jonas, Annika, Teya and Ale!! {Sneak Peek!}

About a month ago I got a call from a Houston number and I thought, oh that must be a friend from home. A few days later when I listened to the voice message it was actually Emily, who lives in Marin but moved here from Houston, looking to have family photos done. I was so excited to call her back and hear where she grew up and what brought them from the blazing humid heat in Houston to the beautiful West Coast! I immediately hit it off with Emily and the sweet girl invited me to her play group, which we now attend weekly!!

Emily has an amazing story. She an amazingly strong person with more energy and drive than one human should have! Emily loves the Lord, her family and any person that she meets with such a sincere love! She does not know a stranger and she would give you the shirt off of her back, I know it.

Anyways, despite the drizzly morning at Crissy Field we had a blast taking photos and the girls were so precious just running around, getting all dirty in the damp field. Thanks for being open to anything you guys, I had a blast!!!


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