Luke {1 Year Photos: Shakespeare Garden}

You might recognize this little guy from his newborn photos almost a year ago, HERE. It is crazy to see how much he has grown up, and how much I have changed as a photographer! So much in one year!!
Luke is a melt your heart kind of guy. He has the cutest little puppy dog eyes that just make you fall in love with him!! He was so happy the whole entire photo shoot and he was passing out smiles right and left.

Anja and Richard are awesome parents and they have nothing but love for this little guy. I love when I can see the pride in parents faces during a photo session. After this shoot with Luke I am even more excited for our little boy to arrive!!

Thanks guys for another great photo shoot, I love working with you! Enjoy!


Jen Crane said...

oooo... i like the texture!

Anonymous said...

Good job Shan! Pretty colors & nature. I love his little outfits!


So Cal Trip said...

We loved working with you too!