Chase {3 Month Old Sneak Peek}

Meet Chase!! He is one of the cutest little 3 month old baby boys I have ever met. He was full of smiles from the moment I walked in the door, until I left. (see below)

Just talking to him made him full of smiles. AND his mama has no doubt in her mind that he loves her! Anytime she even looked his way his whole demeanor was bright and bubbly!! I love that love between moms and their little boys. *(sorry, I think I talk about how excited I am for our little boy every post)*

The lighting in their home and yard was gorgeous and it was so nice to shoot on a sunny non foggy day! This might have been one of my first non-foggy photo shoots all season!! I am hoping the fog will stay at bay and we can continue to enjoy this great sunshine (minus the 100* temperatures!!)

Enjoy these photos of sweet little Chase!!

What a sweet photo to cherish forever!!

Look at that smile! Love it!

Chelsea went to UT and if you didn't know I grew up in Texas! My husbands parents are such big UT fans that his middle name is Austin... I kid you not ;)

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