Home from San Diego and Coronado!!

Drew and I packed up our car, strapped on Drew's surf boards, filled our ice chest with goodies and took off down the coast last Thursday with a busy two year old in the back. I downloaded a few episodes of Dora on my phone before we left town and BOY AM I GLAD I did!! 10 hours in the car is not ideal for a potty trained two year old that needs to go "POTTY MOMMY" every hour and wants to run around as well.

Outside of the time spent in the car we had a blast. We stayed in down town San Diego and spent the whole week on Coronado with my good friend (and fellow photographer) and her family. We played on the beach (which Carsyn called a SAND BO), ate, swam, took photos and did so many fun things.

Drew and I also spent some time at La Jolla beach, one of my all time favorite beaches. We did two little photo shoots with Carsyn, hoping to get some good ones for her 2nd Birthday Party invitation! I think I am going to use several from this little session!



Lisa Cowan said...

seriously?! She is so adorable!! I love every photo! It must be the genes. You two always look great too!

Hannah said...

Love them and love her....can't believe it's really almost her birthday!

Juanita said...

Oh my gosh! She is looking so grown up with her long hair. So, so cute and love that little dress, where's it from?