Keller and Daniel {{10.10.10 Santa Cruz Wedding}}

I have nothing but good things to say about this couple. They have been so much fun to work with and Drew and I had a blast at their wedding! You might remember them from their engagement shoot HERE.

I have so many fun photos to post from their day but I wanted to start off with their fun couple photos! Stay tuned for more photos over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Keller's veil was amazzzzing!!
inspired from their E. Session

How cool is Keller's antique ring!?
I love this!
Gorgeous location and gorgeous light on 10.10.10

Keller was standing to the side while I was taking a few photos of Daniel and his family and I looked over and the light was too perfect! I love this photo!

and this one...
Ha! We were taking some hotel photos and these people kept trying to get out of our way... but in Keller and Daniel style they wanted them to be in their photos ;)


Daniel's first time seeing Keller, love his face!!!

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Daniel said...

Awesome photos Shannon! Thank you!!