Best of The Bay in Marin! A Huge Honor!

"A good photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels..." Ansel Adams

A few months ago I was contacted to compete in a competition for the Best of the Bay Photographers. At first I actually turned it down. I told them no and then I agreed to call back the next day to let them know because I felt rude for turning it down. The word competition freaks me OUT and the anxiety that comes over me being in front of people is unreal. I am an incredibly outgoing person, but when all of the attention is on me I get hot and nervous and OH.MY.GOSH. it's just not my thing.

Anyways, my great friend and fellow photographer Rachel Blackwell, gave me a big pep talk and talked me into doing the competition. So, I called back and agreed. I spent a long time choosing my two photos. I wanted them to reflect things that I see in photography, my style of photography and things I love. More then that I wanted them to reflect my awesome fun clients as well! (see the two photos below to see what I chose).

So, I went to the competition. I took my two photos of choice and I presented. I told them who I was as a person and a photographer. I felt energized as I told them about my photos, the way I shoot, and why I shoot. I shoot for my clients. I shoot to help make beautiful memories for my clients for years to come. When I left I felt older and wiser and really proud of myself for doing something 100% outside of my comfort zone. I gave Drew a high five and we moved on... never did I think they would call back!!

Anyways, I got a call yesterday that they loved me and had chosen me from all of the other photographers that competed in my county to go on a compete at a Gala Event in the city. OH.MY.GOSH. I have to present in front of people again, and this time 6 weeks before my due date?! Oh dear! What do I wear?! haha!!

Anyways, I just wanted to share this exciting news on my blog and the two photos that I presented!!

Thank you Jessica and Caleb and Elsie and Jared!! I love all of you!!


sarah. said...

GIRL! I'm SO proud of you!!!! You are fantastic. Be confident--you've worked for this & you've been given the eyes to see it. Make Him famous with your work!! love.

Emma Krueger said...

Congratulations! Your work is gorgeous! Wish we lived closer so you could photograph my family!