Ella Rose {Newborn Session}

I have been so excited to post these photos but I have not had time to sit down and edit much lately! Our friends Aubrey and Grant welcomed their precious little girl, Ella Rose, into the world about two weeks ago. She is teeny tiny and has a precious baby doll face. (how could she not be cute though, look at her gorgeous parents!!)
Ella was wonderful for the camera! We tried a new trick that I have been anxious to try, a BLOW DRYER!! We just turned it on on low and warm and Aubrey held it over her while Grant got her ready and I snapped the photos. She was calm and sweet and even fell asleep!! Usually newborns hate getting naked, but this worked perfect!
Sooo if you have a newborn session booked with me, go ahead and prepare yourself for the blow dryer trick! It worked wonders!!

**A little advice to those having newborn shots done! If you are pregnant and know when you might be due and want newborn shots, GO AHEAD AND GET ON THE CALENDAR!! My calendar fills up quickly so go ahead and book ahead of time!
You want to do the photos in the first two weeks of their life to capture the true small precious newborn look! Ella is about one week old in these photos!

Enjoy your photos Aubrey and Grant and soak up every minute with her being this small and precious! Before you know it she will be Carsyn's age and think it's funny to throw yogurt on the TV and blow her nose on your pillow ;)



Emma Krueger said...

She is adorable. Aubrey looks beautiful! What sweet little baby. They grow up fast:)

Josh and Stacy Mathews said...

What a little mammas girl!!!! She looks so much like Aubrey-beautiful!

The Summers said...

those are so cute! She is really a doll. And Aubrey looks amazing!

joshandliz said...

these are so sweet! what a precious little girl.

Anonymous said...

I love the bottom one!!!! She is adorable!