Hit Me with your Best Shot!!

I get e-mails every week asking me what kind of equipment I use, what I edit with, what is the best light to shoot in... ect.

I am doing a little mini workshop on April 17th at our Church and I am working to build an outline and I need your help!!

What are some photography questions that YOU HAVE. If you are a beginner, just shooting with a point and shoot or a full blown Digital SLR... fire your questions at me!!

You can leave them in the comment section or shoot me an e-mail ShanCPhoto@gmail.com

I will answer all of the questions in a full blog post including what I will be speaking on in about 2 weeks!!

Thanks for the help!!


Just keeping it real last weekend with a Point and Shoot at my Birthday Party... please don't be jealous of my cool hat. Thanks ;)


Anonymous said...

What kind of SLR camera is good for a beginner?

The Summers said...

just got caught up on all the blog posts..and loved all them! Cute pic of so many cool girls! :)
so what is your favorite toilet paper?

Katy said...

Oh! I have one!

I have a Nikon D40, and when I take pictures indoors, I hate the lighting my flash provides. It seems to wash out all of my pictures.

I try to counter this by turning off my flash and decreasing my shutter speed, but when photographing my 7 month old who can't sit still, most of the photos come out blurry.

What would you recommend so that I can get good indoor photos without the harsh flash light and blur?

Emma Krueger said...

Whats the trick to get the "pefect" lighting for an outdoor photo? Is it time of day? The position of the sun? Or a little bit of both?

Anonymous said...

What is the best way to frame people in shots? How do you frame babies, kids and grown ups? Is it all the same way or do you have different techniques?

p.s. are you going to give us the answers or use these questions for the class? just curious, because I am really interested in your answer. lol = )