Happy Birthday Miss Molly!!

It was a cold and gloomy day at Crissy Field but Courtney, Jimmy and Molly were up for the challenge! We wanted cute bridge/ Crissy Field photos and I do believe we pulled it off! Majority of the country is enjoying a warm sunny summer while we are enjoying a cold, gloomy foggy summer. A few more months and we will have our summer! I was so nervous about the fog and chill but the photos turned out great and truly reflect the time of year Molly was born!

Anyways, how precious is Molly?! She loved the camera and even more so her parents! They just had to step behind me and she would light up with smiles and clapping! She did so good the whole day despite the chilly breeze and low fog. Courtney and Jimmy are wonderful parents and full of love for their sweet little girl! (How could you not be?!)

A one year photo shoot is a great idea. One year olds still have a lot of interest in the camera and still smile on command or by singing a simple song or doing a dance! They don't move too fast either. All together I am coming to the conclusion more and more that one year is a great age for a photo shoot!

Courtney, Jimmy and Molly enjoy your photos!

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Josh and Stacy Mathews said...

What a great shoot Shan! Your work is so fun I love to admire it:)