Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! As of today I wrapped up my last photo shoot for the year. I will start shooting again the last weekend of February so if you want to get on the calendar go ahead and e-mail me as several slots have already been snatched up!

My brother and sister gave up their normal Thanksgiving Traditions and flew out from Oklahoma and Texas to spend the Holiday with us!! I had to snap a few fun photos of them with our Carsyn. She loves them both so much!!

I have several and I mean SEVERAL blog posts coming over the next two months to catch up for my lack of blogging lately!! Sooo be looking for lots of fun sessions!

Baby boy should be here in T-5 weeks!! We will keep you posted on that as well!!

A huge thanks and shout out to all of my AMAZING 2010 Clients!! I feel so blessed to have worked with each and every one of you!!