Sometimes It Rains...

AND I love when my clients are willing to roll with it. Living in the Bay area we do have some incredible places to take photos, but we also have some unpredictable weather.
I took photos for this cute little family last year and this year with my limited amount of time to shoot, Kati and I found a day that worked and went with it, but it rained ;(
So we did what we could outside before the kids were totally done and then we ventured inside and had loads of fun jumping on the bed and just letting the kids be kids!! These are some of my favorite photos!
Thanks for being so flexible you guys ;) We will pray for a gorgeous day next year!

How sweet is this photo? One of my favorites from the day.

Sweetest little girls ;)

haha! Great big brother!

Gorgeous mama!
and inside we go!

how great is this picture!

and to wrap up the day we have to haves come chocolate milk!

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Anonymous said...

I actually drink that same chocolate milk, even though I'm a college student! haha. It's easier to buy it in bulk than to ride the bus fifteen minutes to Meijer every week for a new gallon of chocolate milk. Plus, it's organic. Win-win.

I love these photos! And I agree - that first one is super adorable.