Emma and Riley {BIG Sneak Peek!!}

I have so many fun photos to share from this session. Drew and I shot a wedding in Ken and Sharon's backyard in the middle of June and we just fell in love with their home and of course we just loved them as well. They e-mailed us a few weeks later to come back out and take photos of their cute grandkids and I was sooo excited to shoot in their backyard again. They have their very own vineyard and basically my dream back yard.

Riley is a mans man and Emma is a GIRLY GIRL!! She loved having her photos taken and she was just bursting with ideas!! Riley surprisingly had a ton of ideas up his sleeve as well (he was definitely not too cool for photos, I was impressed!)!! They both took me all around the back yard and I just had a blast. I was giggling the whole time at Miss Emma, envisioning Carsyn being the exact same way in a few years.

There are so many fun photos in the full gallery, I had such a hard time picking the ones to blog... so there are a lot!! Enjoy the sneak peek you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, two of my favorites...like of all time...are on here. Rley sitting on the bench with his pants rolled up and cut off at the waist, and Emma sitting on the bridge. love them shan.


Anonymous said...

Oh super cute! So many great ones! I really like the soccer action shot! --Leah

dee said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. I am really impressed.

Christine said...

Just love the pictures - not a bad shot in the bunch. Of course Riley and Emma stole the show but everyone looks wonderful in them. Thanks for sharing.


Kiersten said...

Shan - amazing shoot! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to work with such a great family. I know they certainly had a blast with you! :)